We Need To Bring Back The Bartering System

A comeback that will benefit everyone

Arron Fornasetti
2 min readApr 10


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In today’s modern world, we have become heavily reliant on money as a medium of exchange. In light of a collapsing economy, there is a growing movement that advocates for the return of the bartering system.

Bartering is an exchange of goods or services without the use of money. One of the main advantages of bartering is that it fosters a sense of community.

My grandfather was the one who introduced me to bartering. He owned a food company. He made friends with locals and was able to get discounts or services done for free. How? He would offer them food in exchange for service. Who doesn’t want food after a hard day's work? As a young kid, I just thought he was being nice to his friends. He was working the system in a way that benefits both parties.

Speaking of that, people are more likely to interact with each other and build relationships based on trust and mutual benefit — like the ones my grandfather built. This creates a sense of social cohesion that is often lacking in modern society. When people engage in bartering, they are not just exchanging goods or services, but also building social connections that can last a lifetime.

Another advantage of bartering is that it cannot be controlled by the government. In our current monetary system, governments have a great deal of control over the economy through their ability to print and regulate money. This can lead to inflation, economic instability, and other problems. By contrast, bartering is a decentralized system that is not subject to government control — like the planned rollout of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). This makes it more resilient to economic shocks and less vulnerable to manipulation by those in power.

Bartering can be an effective way to promote sustainability and reduce waste. In a bartering system, people are more likely to reuse and recycle goods rather than throw them away. This reduces the amount of waste generated by society and helps to preserve natural resources for future generations. In conclusion, bringing back the bartering system has many benefits for society. It promotes community building, reduces government control over the economy, and encourages sustainability.

While it may not be practical to completely replace our current monetary system with bartering, incorporating elements of bartering into our daily lives can help to create a more equitable, sustainable, and socially cohesive society.



Arron Fornasetti

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