These 8 Frugal Tips Will Help You Live A More Cost Efficient Life

Put that money towards what you really want

Arron Fornasetti


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Frugality gets a bad rap as being cheap, but it’s really about living efficiently and making the most of your money. As someone who loves efficiency, I’ve discovered ways to save money in my daily life without sacrificing quality.

Below are some tips to help you make cost friendly choices.

1. Buy a used car and learn basic maintenance

If you’re a point A to B person like me, you don’t need a fancy car to travel. Buying a used Honda or Toyota with good mileage will be reliable and cost way less overtime. Opt for a manual transmission to save on repairs.

Watch YouTube tutorials and learn basic maintenance like oil changes, brake pads, and battery swaps. Oh, and say no to the dealership!

2. DIY whenever possible

Before calling a repairman, see if it’s something you can tackle yourself using online tutorials. You’ll be surprised what kinds of fixes for appliances, electronics, and plumbing you can do with a little guidance. You’ll save the labor fees and avoid inflated costs for unneeded parts replacements.

I recently fixed my leaking toilet after watching a YouTube video. Not only did I save money, but I picked up a skill I can use in the future.

3. Deals and coupons are your friend

Shop grocery sales and use coupons every time you shop. I can’t stress this enough. Check out the discount rack if your store has them for some nice steals. Sometimes, the quality of generic products is usually comparable to name brand — usually basics like medication, spices, baking goods, etc.

Make sure to sign up for loyalty programs and rewards cards to earn money back on gas, groceries, etc.

Apps like Ibotta can save you extra money on top of manufacturer coupons.
Apps like Upside can save you a few cents at the pump
Rebate sites like Aisle, Ourcart, and Sampoll can give you cash back for items you buy or haven’t tried yet.



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