Bizwyre’s dad. As far as work ethic, we as humans can learn a lot from ants. Don’t be nice, be kind.

Take back your power

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The internet can be a great place to learn new things, meet people across the world, and find entertainment at our fingertips. To date, a huge amount of our time is spent online.

The internet can be a gift and a curse. It can be the best thing ever or it can become a living hell. One example is dealing with trolls on social media.

What are trolls, anyway?

Trolls are people who intentionally post negative comments with the goal of getting an emotional reaction from people. Some are harmless trolls, but unfortunately, some are more sinister. They’ll participate in online harassment, bullying, and even death threats. …

Being financially fit is always in style

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You work too hard only to let your money sit in a savings account. Did you know that you can put your money to work?

Think of your money as a person. Money sitting in an account is like a person sitting on the couch all day doing nothing. We’d be upset to come home after work and see that person hasn’t moved all day.

Wishing we had more money is like wishing we had a body like an athlete. People want to look good but don’t want to work out. To get a good looking body, we have to become physically fit. To get a good looking bank account, we have to become financially fit. …

A haiku

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To the one I love

Even until my last day

I’m with you always

The grass is only as green as you make it

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Comparison is a double-edged sword. While it can be used for motivation, it’s widely used in a negative way. People compare their life to what others have achieved in theirs. Unfortunately, this is how people end up chasing after the wrong things.

Comparison is a waste of time and a foolish thing to do. People compare their shortcomings to other’s highlights, yet they don’t see what happens behind closed doors. People only show what they want others to see instead of the entire picture. If someone were to show everything, their life may not be as interesting.

What Really Matters To You

When you compare yourself to others, you end up playing a losing game. You will never be happy no matter how much you accomplish. Every time you see someone doing a little better than you, you’ll keep wanting more until you end up losing yourself. …

Go with the flow.

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My last published article was almost 3 months ago.

I have 15 drafts I’ve been editing here and there—some ranging back to last year. I tweak, I change, I contemplate, I delete. I do everything except the one thing that matters most — releasing the freakin’ articles.

Creative blocks are something that I’ve experienced most of my life. Sometimes, I get a rush of inspiration and can write all day. Other times, I have nothing to offer.

I try to push along but can’t seem to get going. Something I’m learning to do is to let things be. …

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Will I ever sleep?

Kept by my wandering thoughts

I long for good rest

Become the greatest version of yourself

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Getting in your own way is something we all do. It’s something I know all too well.

I never had a problem with having ideas. My problem came with execution. There were many things I could have tried, but I would nitpick the idea until I was no longer interested.

One day, I just said to myself, “You have much, yet you have nothing.”

The potential was there, but the mind wasn’t. When I compared the reasons why things weren’t happening, I realized there were more reasons in my control than weren’t. …

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With so much going on in life, it is important to reflect on our true wants and needs. The current pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. It has caused us to take a step back and think about the way we live our lives.

We tend to run on autopilot and lose sight of the small things. We never intend to put off important details, but with how busy life can be, time seems to escape us.

We also fall into the trap of superficialities. We compare ourselves, seek material things, social status, and validation from others. …

Change your mindset to create a better future

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“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” — E.E. Cummings

Ever felt you weren’t qualified enough for a job? Make music but think no one will like your songs? Have you ever heard the following:

“I’m not sure if it’s meant for me.”

“I’m too old.”

“What if it doesn’t work out?”

We’ve all have had moments of uncertainty, but we shouldn’t allow these thoughts to control the narrative for our lives. The greatest reward we can give ourselves isn’t material things, but the gift of self-improvement.

In order to improve our lives, we have to overcome the limits we set on ourselves. …

Branding isn’t just a buzzword — it’s a lasting impression

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Building a brand doesn’t seem too hard to do. After all, various influencers and companies are created every day. Branding can be as simple or as complicated as we make it. Mistakes are common in businesses and — like humans — they will continue to make mistakes throughout their existence.

The trouble for newer businesses is they are prone to harsher criticism than more established ones. They can’t afford to pull off risky hat tricks for the sake of attention. When you’re new, you have to play it smart. The quickest way to kill a business before it gets started is to make a bad first impression. …

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