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As far as work ethic, we as humans can learn a lot from ants. Don’t be nice, be kind.

When you know better, you do better

I would always hear stories of people getting their wallets hacked. I never thought I’d become one of them, yet here I am.

It happened on February 9th. I didn’t notice until a month after the attack. I hadn’t been checking my account as I usually do because my assets weren’t worth much at the time. Silly me, right?

With Ethereum (ETH) fees on the rise, I couldn’t afford to transfer my coins to another wallet. My plan was to wait until I had enough Ethereum to make that happen.

Fast forward to the end of March. I look at…

Free trials. Ah, yes. Don’t you love them? What better way to test the waters and show customers why they should keep that membership active. For many subscription-based companies, this is where they will either grow tenfold or fold under pressure. It’s easy to give something away for free and it’s sometimes a pain to get them to stay. To better understand this, we have to see things from a customers perspective in order to keep them coming back. Like courting in a sense.

Companies that offer free trials (or freemiums) should understand that trials are feelers for customers who…


Did you even read the manual?

The sudden rise in Dogecoin gives me a bittersweet feeling. I enjoy seeing a meme coin change people’s lives. However, I do have some concerns.

People prefer social media posts over whitepapers, pumps over utilization, and hype over due diligence. Robinhood is the weapon of choice and r/WallStreetBets is the command center. What a time to be alive.

Our microwave society wants to make money like we make hot pockets — fast and easy. Dogecoin, the crypto version of GameStop, and Safemoon, the king of sub-cent tokens, are currently the internet darlings among crypto newcomers. More experienced people try to…


Never underestimate the good boy coin

2020 was a good year for cryptocurrency. 2021 seems to be an even better one.

Who knew a meme coin would become a serious consideration for wealth?

Created by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, Dogecoin started as a “joke” in 2013. It’s based on the “Doge” meme which depicts a cartoon version of a Shiba Inu, a breed of Japanese hunting dog. The years of operation helped Dogecoin achieve legitimacy and credibility only a few coins have. As of this writing, Dogecoin is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, currently taking the number 5 spot.

Dogecoin would soon develop a core…

Thoughts while in solitude

Over analyzing
Introspection and sadness
The dissatisfaction of society

There’s a shortage
Deep connections
Do we speak the same language?

Starved of relation
Always lost in translation
A foreigner of communication
Who can understand me?

Am I too strange?
Too complex to comprehend?
I believe I’m a simple man
What does that say about them?

I’m a thinker in isolation
What people avoid, I call home
Exploring the wonders of my mind
Searching for the unknown

It feels like a curse
To not be heard
Misinterpretations of my every word
What purpose will my speaking serve?

It’s also…

It’s time to get back to business

There’s a quote that’s been running through my head lately.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting different results.”

I plead guilty to insanity.

I’m no stranger to reinventing myself. This time will mean more than it ever has.

Somewhere along the way, I lost my “why”. I forgot who or what I was achieving success for. My chest sunk in shame realizing that I sabotaged my progress by getting in my own way.

I sat on the floor for almost two hours. I reflected on my life and played different scenarios in my head. It didn’t matter…

Use your brain to make gains

Okay newbs, this one is for you.

If you’re one of those who started throwing money into meme stocks in hopes to get rich. I have some news for you:

That’s NOT how you get rich.

Sure, you have some people who get lucky and enter at the right time. Unfortunately, most people aren’t as lucky.

Most people are the get-rich-quick type who just want to make a quick buck. There are also those who are looking to trade with legit interest. Whatever your intentions are, you can benefit from what I’m telling you.

The point of covering your trades…

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