8 Branding Mistakes That Can Hurt New Businesses

Branding isn’t just a buzzword — it’s a lasting impression

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No Social Media Presence Or Engagement

Something as simple as customer interaction is often overlooked by companies. It’s common sense to acknowledge feedback from customers. If that’s the case, why are new companies failing to do so?

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Not Capitalizing On Trends

There is a way to capitalize on a trend without coming across as pandering. Active companies don’t wait for trends to fall in their lap. They try to seek the next trend before it hits the streets. That way, they’re able to be first to market and provide a great experience for their audience. Companies fail to capitalize on trends for the following reasons:

  • They can’t decipher a long-term trend from a short-term trend
  • They refuse to adapt
  • They don’t know their customer base

Failing To Stick To A Niche

Companies fail to stick to a niche when they aren’t able to understand their service or customer’s needs. If you can’t explain to someone what your business does in 30 seconds or less, you need to change your approach.

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Not Doing Market Research

Businesses have come and gone because they didn’t do the research necessary to maintain growth. Ignoring market research means you miss out on important knowledge needed to run the business.

Lackluster Designs And Logos

Unless you have access to a graphic designer, your initial designs and logos will probably be boring.

Not Having A Business Personality

What do you bring to the table?

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  • Amazon’s brand personality may be reliable, sincere, and competent
  • Tesla’s brand personality is exciting, visionary, and impactful

“If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.” — Howard Schultz

Thinking Too Small

Not everyone has a goal to become a large company. You may want to stay local and be exclusive to your community. The reality is the growth of your company isn’t your decision — it’s fate is determined by the customer’s experience.

Poor Customer Service

A customer’s experience can make or break the brand. You could say it’s the heartbeat of the business. The brand cannot exist without customers. This is why good customer experiences should always be the goal. Poor customer experience comes when the business sees its customers as dollar signs instead of people.

  • What is the customer retention strategy?
  • How can we better understand the customer?
  • How can we create a better value point than our competitors?

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